Which plant for which room?
17 May 2022

Which plant for which room?

Which plant for which room?

Which plant for which room?

Plants not only make our homes greener and cosier, but they also improve the climate of the room.

With all the right elements such as planters, soil and sunlightyou can transform your home into a proper oasis of well-being! Plants can also help to improve the climate of a room, but they also have a calming and positive effect on our well-being.

Living room

Plants can create a pleasantly homely and modern atmosphere.
The palm is a low-care option to add presence in any large space such as a living room or hallway.
Its decorative, and lends an exotic touch to large rooms. It also produces pure air by filtering out harmful substances such as chemicals.

Another great all-rounder for room climates is the Spathiphyllum, also known as the peace lily. It filters out toxins such as formaldehyde or benzene, humidifies the room and purifies the air of evaporated substances of human origin such as acetone or ammonia.


We could say so much about the benefits of office plants. They not only purify the air but also can help reduce noise levels in open-plan offices. Larger plants offer a beautiful contrast and can act as large green screens

Some popular office plants include the Ficus and Dracaena and Calatheas. These give off a lot of oxygen and moisture during the day through the leaves. These quick growers can add a calm ambiance and aid as screening areas.

Bedroom plants for healthy sleep

Plants have a relaxing effect and can create cosiness and areas of calm. They can return up to 90% of water they are given which aids in trapping dust particles and cleaning the air acting like air humidifiers.

One super plant which can convert carbon dioxide to oxygen is the Sansevieria. Its slim sleek leaves create height and fit perfectly in tight areas.

Green plants in the kitchen

Ferns like it damp and warm - making them perfect for the kitchen. We love the Devil’s Ivy/Pothos itsperfect if you have a small space that needs a touch of greenery and looks especially beautiful trailing down overhead cupboards or ledge.

Of course we can’t go past kitchen herbs paired with a Balconera, for fresh cooking and that natural kitchen aroma.

A must-have for every bathroom

Ferns are our top pick for the bathroom as they love the humidity. Using a rich soil that holds onto moisture, these indoor plants look beautiful.

With its large, striking leaves and beautiful flowers, it is a real eye-catcher for the bathroom: the Aglaonema. It handles high humidity well, but it does need a very bright environment.

Bamboo, Spider Plants and Aloe Vera are especially great in the shower. TIP- a bunch of eucalyptus can be tied to the shower rail. Refreshing!

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