Green Wall

Living Pictures bring any space to life with vertical garden solutions. You can add flowers, plants or even hanging vines to your Green Wall delivering a stunning effect, that can be changed as you wish.

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Our Living Walls consist of a modular system based on exchangeable plant cassettes. The cassettes contain cups in which the plants are placed. Each row of cassettes is placed in a gutter profile that also serves as a water buffer. The cassette retrieves water from the gutter based on a capillary system. This means a separate system with a water pump is not necessary.

The Living Picture range is truly green art for the wall. The picture, made up of real plants, is easy to attach to the wall and needs minimal maintenance. It doesn’t use power or a mechanical pump. Instead, the Living Picture has a smart, integrated watering system.

The Living Divider is adorned with plants on both sides. You can compile your own choice of plants creating an atmospheric, healthy living climate. The dampening effect of the plants reduces noise. Large areas are easily divided into smaller blocks using the Living Divider. On each side, 6 planted cassettes are placed into the frame. These cassettes are exchangeable allowing you to choose a different look for the room divider as the seasons change or as you desire. This ensures unique, suitable plants in the space at all times. The innovative construction needs no power to provide the plants with water for about six weeks. Living Divider can be placed anywhere, provided there is enough natural light.