The Best, Tough Plants For The Indoors
24 May 2022

The Best, Tough Plants For The Indoors

The absence of a green thumb does not mean your living space must lack the beauty and health benefits that an indoor garden can provide, including but not limited to the purification of the air. There are several house plants that thrive under neglectful conditions and these are the best indoor plants anyone can grow.

This indoor plant thrives in a warm, humid location, such as a bathroom. Just keep Anthurium out of direct sunlight and it will reward you with dark green foliage year around and small orange blooms once a year. The kind of plant you can almost ignore!

Commonly called the Cast Iron Plant because it’s almost indestructible. Aspidistra is a slow growing plant that will never need to be re-potted. The plant has dark green, leather-looking leaves and will tolerate low light, sparse watering and drafts. This is a great gift idea as it is low maintenance and almost impossible to kill.

A large-growing bromeliad makes an excellent focal point of an indoor garden. The large, upright plant will produce a single show-stopping bloom when placed in a sunny location (but not in direct sunlight). Great for foyers or building entrances.

Dracaena Marginata Top
Commonly called the Dragon Tree and is very easy to grow as part of an indoor garden. A hardy and sturdy plant with leaves that will grow under almost any conditions, except direct sunlight. Perfect for the lounge room!

Ficus Elastica Decora
What a cool name! Well-known as the red rubber tree plant. Keep the Ficus ElasticaDecoraplant is a well-lighted area near a window, and wipe leaves off with a damp cloth monthly to remove dust. Water plant when soil dries out. Easy!

So now all you need are some amazing pots and planters to make your indoor plants thrive! Our selection means you can grow these beauties even if you’re a forgetful gardener.

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