Health Benefits Of Indoor Plants And Where To Find Large Garden Planters And Planter Boxes In Perth
26 November 2020

Health Benefits Of Indoor Plants And Where To Find Large Garden Planters And Planter Boxes In Perth

Many people have plants or flowers of some kind in their homes due to their beauty. However, plants have more than just aesthetic appeal going for them – they also offer a range of health benefits you might find surprising, from purifying the air to helping you focus. Here are some of the benefits of filling your home with large planter boxes and gorgeous plants.


You’ve probably heard that houseplants can help clean the air in your home, but just what are these plants cleaning from the air? It turns out that there are numerous potentially harmful compounds in the air we breathe on a daily basis. Some plants can help rid the air in your house of formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, carbon monoxide, and more. Spider plants and rubber plants are two excellent choices if air purification is your goal.


Certain plants such as Aloe Vera have natural healing properties. This “Lily of the Desert” not only helps keep the air in your home clean, but it also contains a gel that can help soothe burns, including sunburns, and heal cuts. Other uses include boiling the leaves in water to create a vapour that is thought to help alleviate asthma symptoms.


Some plants add moisture to the air. Plants such as Areca Palm release moisture, a particularly welcome benefit during dry winter months. On the other hand, plants such as succulents and Cacti retain water and therefore do not release much water into the air, so choose your plants according to your needs and preferences.


Plants “breathe” in a different way than we do – instead of converting oxygen to carbon dioxide, they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. The Snake Plant, in particular, has the unique benefit of releasing oxygen throughout the night whilst most plants do this mainly during the daytime. Snake Plants are also hardy and low maintenance. Try placing a few within two square metres of where you sleep to enjoy the full benefits.


It’s not just your physical health that can benefit from having plants in your home. Plants have a way of giving us a more positive outlook and making us feel heightened relaxation and increased happiness. The act of caring for a living thing can help with loneliness and give us a stronger sense of purpose. You may also find that with the strategic use of houseplants, you experience less stress and more productivity.


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