Benefits Of Self Watering Planters by Lechuza
24 May 2022

Benefits Of Self Watering Planters by Lechuza

Container gardening can be an easy way to grow the plants you love. However, watering can sometimes be a challenge – under-watering and over-watering are common problems that can prevent your plants from thriving. Lechuza self-watering planters offer a simple alternative that takes the guesswork out of watering. In these exclusive pots, the soil perches above a water reservoir and the roots of the plant stretch down through the soil and into the water for the perfect amount of nourishment. Self-watering indoor planters offer several advantages over traditional pots; here are a few of them.


As you water a plant in a traditional container, the nutrients in the soil slowly diffuse out along with the water molecules. That means that you’ll need to add organic matter periodically to maintain the nutrient levels. With a self-watering planter box, you still have to water the plant, but the closed system keeps the nutrients within the soil environment. Any excess water stays within a separate compartment that you can then empty back into the plant when it becomes full. This self-contained water cycle helps the plant hold onto essential nutrients and, as a result, flourish.


Mostly if you live in a dry climate, conserving water is a constant concern. Large self-watering planters allow only some of the water to evaporate from the soil, and this evaporation mainly occurs after a direct watering. The water trapped in the reserve cannot evaporate; it will be retained until you pour it back into the planter. That means that the overall amount of water you need to use for a self-watering plant system is significantly lower than for a traditional pot, even for plants known to consume high levels of water.


Long work hours and holidays can take a toll on potted plants. Large self-watering planters offer a solution because you can water less frequently without endangering the plant. In fact, you can go days without watering plants in these containers, even during the hottest summer months. The planter will work effectively as long as it contains enough water – and it takes a long time for all the water to evaporate.


One of the most common problems gardeners run into is shallow root growth – caused by shallow watering. Many plants cannot thrive without proper root support. Self-watering pots provide a failproof way to deep-water the container without being concerned about root rot. Well-cared-for root systems encourage larger, healthier plants.


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