Self-watering Lechuza planters Australia
03 November 2022

Self-watering Lechuza planters Australia

Think you're too busy or forgetful to take care of plants, or worried what will happen to them when you go on holiday or finding your plants just aren’t surviving? Self-watering planters take the hassle and stress out of keeping your home, garden or office green and beautiful.

Made in Germany, Lechuza is the leading manufacturer of self-watering plant containers, combining an award-winning irrigation system with a stylish design. The full range of Lechuza planters and substrates is now available in Australia from Plantercraft.

What are Lechuza planters?

Lechuza is Spanish for 'owl,' in recognition of their intelligent system that watches over plants and makes sure they're appropriately watered. This self-watering system uses an outer and inner pot of different heights, with a water reservoir in between that keeps the soil moist, allowing your plant to absorb just the right amount of water it needs. All Lechuza pots include appropriate substrates for indoor or outdoor use.

This innovative system has been perfected over more than 20 years, and today Lechuza planters are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles to suit almost any gardening or home décor need.

Why choose Lechuza planters?

If you're looking for a self-watering plant pot that won't let you down, Lechuza products are the gold standard. Here are just some of the ways Lechuza has revolutionised home horticulture for gardening enthusiasts and first-time plant carers alike.


Many people avoid keeping plants because they're worried they will fail. Lechuza self-watering planters make maintaining house or garden plants simple and efficient, with refills only needed every three to six weeks – ideal if you have a busy schedule or you're going away.


Lechuza pots can fit in any space or environment and can be used to grow any plants that are cultivated in soil, from flowers to vegetables and shrubs. Their extensive range includes indoor, outdoor and table planters to suit all home styles and tastes, available in many colours and finishes.

Protect your plants

As well as saving time, self-watering containers also take optimal care of your plants in all conditions. Their sub-irrigation feature spreads the water evenly to keep the soil from drying out, and water indicators prevent over-watering. The closed system also prevents the loss of soil nutrients, which is a common problem with conventional planters.


Lechuza products are made from high quality, robust polypropylene plastics that are shatterproof and frost and weather-resistant. They're also UV resistant, so they won't fade in the Australian sun.


Self-watering systems improve water efficiency, meaning less watering is needed. Lechuza planters are also manufactured from recyclable materials.

Easy to use

Lechuza planters are lightweight and easy to move. The irrigation system is also easy to set up and monitor, with removable liners, water indicators and full instructions provided.

Your Lechuza supplier in Australia

Plantercraft is Australia's largest and most trusted stockist of Lechuza products and other self-watering systems. Our knowledgeable team can help you to choose the best planters for your home, office or garden, with fast shipping Australia-wide.

Get in touch today to find out more about our Lechuza range and for expert advice on all sub irrigated planters.

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