Bring The Outdoors Of Perth Indoors With Vertical Garden Planters And Systems – Offering High-Quality Mobilane Green Wall Products
24 May 2022

Bring The Outdoors Of Perth Indoors With Vertical Garden Planters And Systems – Offering High-Quality Mobilane Green Wall Products

Vertical garden planters are similar to natural vines that grow on the walls of buildings. They not only add personality and earthy-style to a space but a relaxed feeling of tranquillity. Many are now incorporating this natural element to their indoor workspaces and homes as it brings not only an upbeat aesthetic to the surrounding environment but health benefits and improved productivity.

Plantercraft offers everything you need to achieve impressive high-quality green walls indoors. A West Australian family owned and operated business since 1985; we offer a fine selection of green walls, including Mobilane green wall, planters, and outdoor furniture.

Visit us online or at our store in Malaga, where you’ll see our design skills and high-quality products firsthand. You’ll view our products in action as they display a variety of plants and flowers. You’ll be able to order everything, including the plants on display, on the spot and if delivery is needed, we do that too.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask. We have over 30 years of knowledge and experience in the industry, having won the Australian Design Award. Our staff is passionate about plants and how they’re displayed. We’ve assisted landscapers, universities, schools, hospitals, private companies and community organisations to name a few. We have an eye for choosing the right planters and containers that work efficiently with your plant of choice, and especially that fits your style.


Whether a living picture, divider or wall, our structures offer more than design. They provide health benefits, such as mental clarity, relaxation, and a sense of space. Plants, in general, improve air quality, so living green walls naturally filter the air. This is especially valuable for work environments as it can increase productivity and employee health.

Green walls are not limited to commercial environments. Our residential customers are now seeing the benefits their homes can offer by having a green wall, divider, or picture. One room can serve as a study or library with a living wall or the entryway of the home. Even the breakfast or dining room can incorporate a living wall. The possibilities are endless with the same results.


You don’t need to look anywhere else to get the top choices of green walls in Perth. We include everything in our living divider-, picture-, and wall packages. Our living dividers are perfect for separating a room to create privacy or reduce environmental noise. Our living wall is ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces and can be added to new or existing walls. Both these systems incorporate a watering system that lasts four to six weeks.

Our living picture offers a touch of natural beauty to your room of choice. This structure is easily attached to a wall and requires very little maintenance. Plants can be installed and changed quickly whenever you prefer.

If you’re considering the creation of a relaxing and peaceful environment, Contact us today to see our selection of living walls, including the Mobilane brand. Once you install one into your space, you may wonder how you were able to ever live without it.

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