Vertical Gardens In Your Home Or Office
31 May 2022

Vertical Gardens In Your Home Or Office

Are you ready to take ‘going green’ to the next level? You can create an enticing green space by investing in a vertical garden. A vertical garden is a decorative, planned collection of plants which are planted into a structure used for aesthetic appeal as well as for functional benefit. In partnership with Indoor Gardens, we are now offering these amazing indoor vertical garden products.

Benefits of Vertical Gardens include:

  • Improved air quality
  • Aesthetic appeal to work space or a whole building
  • Bringing nature back into urban areas, homes, or office spaces
  • Boost to morale
  • Exterior vertical panels can reduce wall temperature causing a reduction in air conditioning bills
  • Reduction in noise levels in buildings by blocking high frequency sounds
  • Privacy

No matter what size space you want to beautify, we have the right vertical garden for you. We have a wide variety of well-designed, multi-sized products to fit your needs and gorgeous plant varieties. Each product has an integrated irrigation system that requires minimal watering, does not require electricity, and all are easy to care for. For more information, contact us at [email protected]

Living Picture:
The Live Picture is a personal-sized vertical garden. If you love nature, why not bring an extension of nature into your personal space? You can use the Live Picture in place of a home or office painting or wall hanging because it is an ever-changing work of art. The Live Picture comes with a sturdy frame and removable plant cassettes giving you the option to rearrange the plants for a different look as often as you like.

Living Dividers:
The Live Divider is a room divider that has plants on both sides. You can permanently fix it to the floor or leave it free standing for mobility purposes. It provides visual privacy, blocks noise, and provides a calming and beautiful space in your home or office.

Living Panel:
The Live Panel is a living indoor or outdoor wall for new or existing buildings. This option is a series of panels that are placed on the surface wall of a structure and held on with an aluminum frame. It has an irrigation and drainage system that help the plants to thrive. It is great for bringing the outdoors back into urban spaces, covering graffiti-littered buildings, giving an old building a face-lift, or for beautifying any structure.

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