Lechuza Planters at Plantercraft - Australia's Largest Stockists
17 May 2022

Lechuza Planters at Plantercraft - Australia's Largest Stockists

Adding plants and flowers to your space can make a huge difference to how you feel and think. Bright greens can energise you and motivate you to accomplish the tasks ahead. Vibrant colours of red, violet, and yellow can enhance your mood and fill you with hope. It may drive sales by increasing traffic to your establishment and can make you look forward to being at home.

Just as important as the plants and flowers in a space, is the planters and pots that house them. The right combination can artfully transform your environment and add endless character. Plantercraft knows this too well and has the perfect selection, including Lechuza planters for Perth residents. A family-owned Western Australian company, we have been in business since 1985, and subsequently gathered a wealth of knowledge. We have two locations,offering an extensive range of high-quality planter boxes, containers, LitterSmart bins, outdoor furniture, and sub-irrigation systems, based in Malaga and our warehouse office in Landsdale.

We know what will work best and look desirable for your home and business and which containers will support your plants of interest optimally. We have been recognised as one of Perth’s most knowledgeable plant container suppliers, so you can relax knowing you have chosen an industry expert.


Lechuza pots bring a contemporary feel to every space. Offering many colours, textures, and sizes, their high-quality containers are lightweight and German-made. They have a wide selection that will complement a tabletop, balcony or outdoor space, poolside, stairway, even fence. Regardless of your requirements, tall or short, narrow or wide, or even hanging baskets, Lechuza has a planter for you.

One advantage to Lechuza planters is their self-watering sub-irrigation feature, which allows water to absorb upwards into the plant’s roots, preventing the issue of over-watering. The soil stays consistently damp, allowing you to water less often, save more water and simply enjoy your plants, with minimal effort. These planters are made of durable frost and UV resistant Polypropyleneplastic for indoor and most outdoor uses.


We sell only the finest selection of Lechuza planters that correspond to the vision you have foryour space. View our Trend Collection Colour and Trend Cottage lines of high-quality, lightweight planters in modern designs. These pots come in several finishes, such as satin, matt woven and natural, in addition to a variety of shapes and sizes.

If you’re searching for interior landscaping planters with Lechuza’s features, our Premium Collection offers just that.With a wide variety of shapes and sizes,designed for larger rooms and interiors, in addition to the self-watering system, Lechuza is thepreferred choice. This collection offers contemporary and classic designs in premium finishes that refines every indoor space.

Stop by our Malaga showroom and see our stunning collection for yourself. Holding the Australian Design Award, we know how to make your space look inviting and worth the stay. With decades of knowledge and experience in the home garden and potting industry, we’re here to answer whatever questions you have.

Contact us today to start enjoying your space with the finest that nature and Plantercraft have to offer.

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