Health Hacks For The Home And Office
17 May 2022

Health Hacks For The Home And Office

In a world where we are often obsessed with the health of our bodies, we often look past the importance of a healthy home and workplace. Since we spend most of our time at both of these places, it makes sense that we should be health conscious of our surrounding environment. These health hacks are simple but efficient ways to ‘clean up’ and ‘cheer up’ the areas you spend your life in.

Of course…add some plants!

If you're looking for a virtually effortless action that can vastly improve your health, consider filling your home with air-filtering houseplants. Even if you keep your house sparkling clean, your furniture and upholstery can harbor germs and toxins that have snuck into your home or grew within your house. Since plants are naturally air purifying, they can help clean up theair with no effort on your part.

Aside from the air purifying benefits, adding indoor plants to your home is visually appealing and stress relieving. The plants in your room can clean up the carbon dioxide produced as you breathe, which means improved health and wellness, and reduced illness.

You could also consider getting plants that emit a pleasant fragrance, so the aromatherapy can calm you down or lift you up and send your brain a pleasant sensation.Studies have shown that plant-based aromas have a therapeutic property and can treat a variety of systems such as the ability to improve agitation, calm aggression, influence your mood, reduce depression& stress andimprove anxiety & behaviours.

Open the curtains

There's no doubt that you're feeling negative when you feel like you're living insidea cave. When you escape sunlight for toolong, your body can slip into a vitamin D deficiency, causing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Seasonal affective disorder causes depression and sadness since chemicals that cause happiness (melatonin) are being deprived from your body.

By opening up the curtains, you are automatically initiating a chemical reaction inyour body that subsequently increases your mood.

Use background music

According to a study done at the University of Missouri, listening to music can improve people's moods and happiness significantly in only a couple of weeks.

If you want to increase the energy of the space, make a playlist of your favourite music and jam out throughout the day. Not only will you enjoy it, but plants have been scientifically proven to react and thrive when music is being played to them.

Ignore your E-mail

If you feel like your e-mail is never-ending and you never get a chance to catch up, consider walking away from it. By stepping away and allowing yourself some guilt-free free time, you're giving your mind a chance to refresh before it goes crazy.

There's no doubt that keeping the space around you clean and uplifting will result in better moods, reduced stress and a happier you. These healthy home and work hacks are simpleand you can apply them to your life immediately.

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