31 May 2022


LECHUZA PON mineral plant substrate is the perfect accompaniment to the Lechuza self watering system.

It provides plants with the optimal ratio of air to water, a stable pH value, and stores water and nutrients, releasing them to plants as they need them (How good is that!)

Using PON minimises waterlogging, pests and fungus all thanks to the excellent drainage capability. Making it suitable for all plants, like foliage and flowering plants, orchids, citrus plants, herbs, tomatoes, fruit trees and cacti!

LECHUZA-PON acts like a buffer, that absorbs excessive fertilizer and gives it back to the plant when needed. The natural nutrient storage prevents the burning of the roots through overfertilizing.

The PON has an adjusted bulk weight. Your plant is supported firmly in the planter, which is important for bigger plants. LECHUZA-PON takes care that your planter stays stable and is suited perfectly for both indoor and outdoor use.

Its free-flowing and can be used on its own without any soil to fill the planters.

When planting in LECHUZA-PON you don't have to free the root ball completely from soil.

PON is available in 4 different formulas;

Lechuza pon- universal all rounder suitable for all plants
Terrapon- for plants needing a little more moisture
Veggiepon – specific for growing vegetable and 100% vegan
Orchidpon- specially designed for Orchids needs

What is it made of?

PON is made up of high quality zeolite, washed pumice and lava, and remains structurally stable thanks to it special composition. PON will not clump and cant be compressed.

Its make up also makes it perfect for those who suffer from allergies, alleviating pests or fungus growing in standard soils. Making this the best choice for your houseplants.

What is it made of

How does it work?

LECHUZA-PON has the optimal air/water ratio for plants of 45% water / 55% air.

The multiple filtering in production reduces the fine particles in the substrate to a minimum. This prevents a silting up in the root area and sustains a long-lasting wicking-action.

The substance zeolite stabilizes the ideal PH balance for a healthy plant growth in your LECHUZA planter. Macro and micronutrients remain permanently.

LECHUZA-PON has a continuous capillarity- action up to the planter's surface. Even undergrowth and small rooted plants get the perfect amount of water this way.

The LECHUZA plant substrate takes care of a balanced nutrient distribution in the root area of your planter. Through the ideal supply the plant builds a consistent, compact root dispersion and becomes a robust plant, that will stay with you for a long time.

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